Canines of Magyar

Welcome to the home of Siriusbell Hungarian Vizslas. We are lucky enough to share our lives with one of the most loyal , affectionate and biddable breeds that enriches our lives each and every day. The Hungarian Vizsla comes under the classification of “Gundogs” and with that comes an inner drive to work. They love nothing more to work a field picking up scent and pointing out fur or feather whenever the chance arises. As well as having exceptional hunt, point, retrieve skills the Hungarian Vizsla is also a fine show dog; their duality gives the hobbyist more than one avenue to channel their dogs needs.
With their fabulous regal look, sensitive nature and low maintenance coats the breed has seen a considerable increase in popularity over the years. Anybody looking into to owning one of these marvellous dogs needs to realise that they have been bred for hundreds of years to carry out specific tasks. As the national breed of Hungary (Magyar) they are steeped in over a thousand years of history, long before the Austro Hungarian Empire. We see the breed mentioned as far back as the ninth century when the Magyar tribes entered the Carpathian Basin.
The Magyar people found this breed to be exceptional at hunting fur and feather and the breed was nurtured and held in great esteem by the nobleman on country estates. The breed saw a decline during the first and second World Wars when the baronial estates were disbanded. Luckily the proud Hungarian people have managed to set up breeding programs to protect their national dog and today we have a healthy, robust dog with very few inherent medical issues...