Canines of Magyar

The Hungarian Vizsla is a robust and healthy breed in the main. There are some health issues we screen for before any mating is undertaken; this helps to ensure that any parents have minimal chance of passing on inherent conditions to their offspring.
With any breeding program the aim is to start with healthy parents to produce healthy progeny that will take the breed forward whilst maintaining the breed standard for generations to come. From a breeders point of view, keeping track of underlying conditions in any of your offspring is the underpinning of future generations and bloodlines.
Looking out for hip dysplasia, cerebella ataxia, polymyositis and epilepsy trends are what help you to understand how healthy your lines actually are. We have been very select in the blood lines we have used and have never followed the trends to use the same stud as many other breeders. This has helped us to keep our lines diverse and without concern.
Our puppies are raised as family in our home and are given the same level of care and love as our own dogs.
If you are considering opening your home to a Hungarian Vizsla one of the first questions to ask yourself should be “if you can give the time and energy to a very demanding breed?” If the answer is “Yes“ then you will find them the most loyal, affectionate and rewarding dog you could ever wish for.