Canines of Magyar

We have been involved with the breed for well over thirty years, during which time we have laughed and cried at their antics. Thankfully more laughing than crying and we are now lucky enough to have five generations living with us in our home with our naughty Tonkinese cats.
From woodland walks, beach scampers or fenland foraging, our days are varied and we ensure that our dogs do not get bored of their environment. It is important to us to stimulate their senses on a daily basis, this is more important than the actual time spent walking as Hungarian Vizslas are a busy minded breed that thrive on being challenged.
Situated in rural Cambridgeshire, we have some fantastic walks and fabulous shoots where we are able to exercise those busy minds and athletic bodies. We also enjoy showing our dogs at some of the Country’s top shows and are frequent competitors at Crufts.
First and foremost our dogs are part of our family and we feel blessed that we are able to devote as much time as we need in ensuring their needs are met on more than one level.
We do raw feed our dogs and feel that their health is paramount as an underpinning to anything else. Feeding a raw diet is an evolutionary feeding regime where we are able to ensure that we are able to monitor every single ingredient our dogs consume. It is very important that anybody who is wishing to follow this type of diet takes the time to read up and is fully conversant in the dog’s nutritional requirements.
From time to time we do have litters and as members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme we adhere to a very strict code of conduct in relation to who we breed from, how often and what health screening is carried out BEFORE we even embark on this journey.
At this time we are required to screen for hip dysplasia under the KC scheme, but also choose to DNA test for cerebellar ataxia.
We believe, based on our current progeny we have produced, that we are able to take the breed forward for many years to come.